Dental emergencies

When should you consult a dentist immediately?

Dental emergency: My son was playing hockey and broke a tooth.

What should I do? Pain and heavy bleeding are good indicators to determine the seriousness of the situation. If this is the case, see a dentist immediately.

If your child is not suffering and the damage is not as extensive, you only have to schedule a regular appointment to repair the damaged tooth.

Dental emergency: My daughter lost a tooth accidentally.

What should I do? First of all, try to stay calm and wash the tooth that fell out, holding it by the crown, and don’t rub it. Then try to insert it carefully in the gum and ask your child to hold it in place with her tongue until you get to the dentist.

If the child is too young, keep the tooth in a little jar and bring it to your dentist. If it is a milk tooth, just remember that it soon will be replaced, naturally.

If there is any bleeding, rinse the mouth with water and apply gauze to the wound, asking your child to bite gently. The pressure should stop the bleeding. Otherwise, consult your dentist.

Dental emergency: One of my molars is starting to give me sharp pains.

What should I do? First of all, rinse your mouth in lukewarm water and use dental floss to try to dislodge any debris that might be caught between your teeth. Do not take aspirin or any other analgesic, because they burn the tissues. Then visit the nearest dentist, because sharp and sudden pain is generally a bad omen (most of the time, it means an infection).

Regardless of the reason for the pain or the swelling (e.g. after whitening or in the area where a wisdom tooth is growing out), don’t hesitate to consult Urgence dentaire de Montréal. In case of doubt, phone 514-593-9229 or visit 6898 Boulevard de Lorimier.

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