After installing a crown or bridge

In order to promote healing, the precautions listed below must be followed. Also note that it is normal to feel some discomfort and swelling after treatment.

The laying of crowns and bridges is done in two appointments. During the first visit, we first take an impression of the teeth to be replaced. Then, we install temporary crowns or bridges to protect your teeth while waiting for the replacement tooth (s) to be ready.

Processing Day

  • If necessary, use medications prescribed or recommended by our team.

    To avoid

  • Avoid hot beverages when under anesthesia.
  • Avoid sticky and hard foods (chewing gum, sweets).


  • Try to eat on the opposite side.

The next day until complete healing

  • Brush your teeth normally, but be careful with flossing to avoid dislodging the temporary crown.
  • If a temporary crown is peeling off, it is imperative to return to the clinic so that we can harvest it again. This aims to slow the mobility of other teeth and to facilitate the installation of the new tooth.

Do not hesitate to call us at 514 593-9229 , if you feel pain, have difficulty closing your mouth or have other questions related to your recovery.