One tooth at a time

On average, the first tooth comes in around the age of six months. But it is not unusual it comes out of the gum before or after. In most cases, the 20 primary teeth will have completed a full eruption by the toddler’s third year of age. With rare exceptions, the two lower central incisors are the first to come out.

As soon as the baby teeth start to erupt, the second set of teeth develops in the jaws. These 32 adult teeth will appear between 6 and 16 years old. Wisdom teeth will grow anytime from the age of 16, and could even never show up!

If your child becomes irritable, has red cheeks, salivates a lot and carries his hands to his mouth, he may be having a dental breakthrough. You can relieve him by rubbing its gums with a finger or offer him a clean washcloth soaked in cold water to chew. You could also give him a refrigerated teething ring.

It is best to avoid gels, teething biscuits and raw vegetables. These may interfere with swallowing as well as being choking hazards. Likewise, it is preferable not to give frozen teeth rings, since they can cause mouth injuries.

A dental breakthrough does not cause fever. If your child’s condition is deteriorating, consult a doctor.