The caries of the young child

Both infant formula and cow milk contain sugar. And we are not even talking about juices! That’s why your baby is susceptible to develop cavities as soon as primary teeth come in.

It is therefore important to never let a young child fall asleep with a bottle or sippy cup. In such a case, the sugary fluid remains in the oral cavity and increase the odds of developing early childhood caries. In the early stage, it looks like dull white spots or lines at the edge of the gums. A darker tooth may also be a sign of tooth decay.

To prevent this disease, you should choose water instead of juice when your child is thirsty. Also, avoid letting him fall asleep with a bottle containing a sugary liquid.

Know that breastfed babies, although likely to develop early child caries, seem less affected by the phenomenon. Nonetheless, do not forget to wash his gums and new teeth thoroughly as soon as they appear.

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