Crowns and bridges

The crown is the part of the tooth that protrudes from the gum.

When a tooth’s form or function needs to be repaired, we usually install a crown. This is an artificial, hollow tooth that is placed over a damaged tooth. This type of restoration serves to embellish your smile, while improving your ability to chew.

Crowns are used when a tooth’s enamel is very discoloured, after a root canal, or to cover a damaged tooth.

A bridge can replace one or several missing teeth.

A bridge becomes necessary to prevent teeth from migrating toward the empty space and to avoid problems caused by missing teeth. This type of prosthesis consists of an artificial tooth secured between two crowns. Crowns are supported by healthy teeth next to the empty space.

There are two types of bridges: a traditional bridge and a Maryland bridge. We’ll discuss both options and their features together so that you can make an informed decision.